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I am more organized and have a lot more interaction on my groups/pages. I love that I can go right to the training that will help and get it implemented within next week.  If you're thinking about joining the Party Plan Profit Lab it is well worth it to sign up, because you get all this training for every area in your biz. It gives you the freedom to train where you need help the most.  PLUS, the Party Plan POWERstart and Leadership POWERstart courses themselves is over 70 bucks worth of Value. So worth it! - Nicole Esten | Thirty One Gifts

Everything I need to run a successful DS business...

The profit lab has helped me have the tools to receive the specialized training on home shows, online, vendor and much more! My favorite part of the profit lab is having access to amazing coaches! The energy that each of you put out for us, is amazing. The profit lab has given me trainings at my finger tips. Everything I need to run a successful DS business. - Denese Arnold | Premier Designs

My per person average is now up over $100 and I have someone tell me at every party that I am so good at selling

I have become a master of sales thanks to Alishia's amazing trainings. I have the numbers to prove it. My per person average is now up over $100 and I have someone tell me at every party that I am so good at selling and one thing I get a lot is that they appreciate that I'm not pushy!!!! Crazy crazy right!!!? You can sell a TON and not be pushy!!!! These trainings will entirely rock your world and your business!!!!!! I also want to add that I have NOT changed the show flow that I learned from Alishia for 2 full years!! That makes my job so much simpler because I don't have to keep changing things!! I am always ready and consistent!! People know what to expect from me and that is a good thing!!! I LOVE partying now that I know what the heck I am doing!!! It's truly amazing!!! - Rebecca Hoover | Thirty One Gifts

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