Beat Your Holiday Biz Funk

WARNING! This Direct Sales Master Class is only for consultants who want to end the year with a BANG and kick off the new year strong (without frustration or wasting time doing crap that doesn't work).

When it comes to Christmas time, once Direct Sales consultants start seeing the cancellations, people wanting to wait til the beginning of the year to do parties and recruits not working as hard, most Direct Sellers say to themselves "I'm just going to take December off and start fresh in the New Year"
Well, that is the worst thing you could possible do for your business...

Especially when you're struggling as it is...

If you do that, you will be starting your business all the way over at the beginning of the year and it will be a TON of work!

Hey, it's not your fault, it's in our nature to want to give up when things are going shitty...

However, over my 9 years in Direct Sales as a mom, sole breadwinner, business owner and now coach...

I know from trudging through it all and making all the mistakes...

That SUCCESSFUL Direct Sellers (That's You) enjoy having peace of mind knowing exactly what to do during the holidays that SKYROCKETS your business success.

And that crap about December being a slow month is CRAP!

If you’ve ever "tried" implementing all the shit that's out there in order to have a successful holiday season, you know that it doesn't work...

Way more fluffy crap preparation than needs to be done and then it doesn't work...(You don't need that crap)

Idea after idea on how to book parties, but people still aren't booking...(You don't need that crap either)

Focusing too much on finding a whole NEW way to succeed in your business than you do the rest of the year, which ends up failing miserably...(I give you permission to stop the madness, RIGHT NOW)

And while we're at it...

If you're thinking "I’ve already implemented this idea, that idea + working on my goody bags to hand out and my Turkey Trot bags for Thanksgiving, I don't have time for anything else"

No worries...

I created the Holidays The Smart Way Direct Sales Master Class with YOU in mind

Plus I ELIMINATED all the crap that's got you feeling:

Stressed, overwhelmed and like you should just take December off and start fresh in the new year because everyone is too busy right now.

The first thing I am going to do for you is help you...

Get Booked SOLID for December!

Now - I've structured everything so as soon as you purchase Holidays The Smart Way Direct Sales Master Class, you'll be able to train + implement immediately so that you can start seeing the results.

This is because I've deliberately systemized every aspect of Holiday Bookings, Hostess Coaching, Selling + Recruiting.

And what I'm doing for you in that training is helping you focus on the EXACT strategies I've used to sell over $41,000 during the holiday season in personal sale with my HOLIDAY tweaks. So when you end your year + start the New Year, you feel excited and confident that you ROCKED your business during the BEST time of the year.

I've even done a lot of the heavy lifting for you...
  • Exactly what to say and the offers to use to get booked...
  • How to Holiday Hostess Coach so your parties HOLD
  • The strategies that I used for 3 years for record breaking numbers
  • And how to build a THRIVING team during the holidays too
This is YOUR one-stop-shop to potentially quadruple your business this holiday season, easily and effectively without the stress and overwhelm of doing crap that wastes your time.

(After implementing this for almost 3 years straight, I've gotten good at FAST results.)

The "worst" that can happen is you book 1 or 2 more parties increase your per party sales a few hundred dollars...
The best that can happen is, you rock out the Holidays The Smart Way Direct Sales Master Class to help you quadruple your business and end the year with a BANG.

After all, I'm the BEST Direct Sales coach there is on the planet for a reason...

My stuff works, and I KNOW that when you implement the Holidays The Smart Way training, you'll be ecstatic with the results you get.

Consider this:

When I stopped listening to the December is slow naysayers and took matters in my own hands, my second year I sold over $41,000 DOLLARS in PERSONAL SALES in 90 days. It all starts with ignoring the noise and getting in on this training RIGHT NOW!

This is why I'm sought out by Direct Sellers all over the world!

Before we jump into the goods...

I want you to know that I know that there's lots of other coaches, leaders and training out there regarding holiday success that you can get, but I promise you they don't have the numbers to back it up like I do...

So I am going to cut through the crap and be completely transparent about what makes Holidays The Smart Way Master Class different. 
This is "THE" Holiday Training That You've Been Looking for That Will:
  • Eliminate the feelings of being stressed out about your high cancellations, low attendance and low sale you've been experiencing (This is your solution to all of that)
  • Banish the overwhelm and frustration with an easy-to-implement training that keeps you focused on the strategies that SKYROCKET your holiday sales + success (Record breaking sales...YOU GOT IT)
  • Simplify everything and gives you the confidence and clarity in knowing EXACTLY what to do to get all your double booking slots filled fill, ensuring your parties hold + keep your hostess excited, while selling like crazy and consistently adding new members to your team. (Giving you that proud successful feeling)
  • Stop you from taking the holidays off and having to start your business over at the beginning of the year. (Thus a POWERFUL start to January)
What Will I Learn Inside The Holidays The Smart Way Master Class?

Step by step training, verbiage, strategies + scripts to end your year with BANG and start your new year off STRONG...
During Section 1: Holiday Bookings The Smart Way...You're ONLY gonna learn the strategies that will get you MASSIVE bookings for the holidays, like:
 How to Stay Fully Booked During The Holidays

Badass Language to Get Your Hostess & Guests to Say “YES”

The Key to Being In-Demand During The Holidays
During Section 2: Holiday Hostess Coaching The Smart Way...I will take you deep into my proprietary holiday Hostess Coaching training that will teach you:
 9 Steps to Hostess Coaching for $1K Holiday Parties

Badass scripts that seal the hostess coaching deal
The Secrets to SKYROCKET Your Hostess Coaching Success
During Section 3: Holiday Selling The Smart Way...You'll master the secrets to sell more during the holidays than any other time of the year, it's so badass you're going to be learning:
Powerful Techniques to Rock Your Holiday Show Flow

The Easy to Implement Strategies to TRIPLE Your Holiday Sales

Incredible Holiday Selling Language “That Works”
During Section 4: Holiday Recruiting The Smart Way...You'll have everything you need to be a holiday recruiting machine. During this training, you'll learn:
Consistently Get Recruit Leads at Your Holiday Parties

Use a Powerful Follow Process to Add New Team Members

Speak In Terms That Makes It A No Brainer “YES” from Them
All of This Will Be Delivered Wirelessly in a Perfect Easy-to-Implement Package
  • Bite-Sized video training packed with POWER!
  • Beautiful transcripts that are structured so that you can snag a piece of the training and implement it seamlessly.  
  • Customer support standing by to help you 12 hours a day to make sure you understand the training as you go through it.  
  • Massive Action Plans to help you IMPLEMENT what you learn through each section
See You In Holidays The Smart Way Direct Sales Master Class
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