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ONE TIME OFFER: Party Plan POWERstart Test Drive - For Only $1 you can test drive my daily (Monday - Friday) email training program to get you booking MORE Parties, recruiting MORE Team Members & taking CONSISTENT Action… TEST DRIVE for your first 2 weeks for only $1 NOW!!

Here's What You'll Learn:
  • Setting STRONG Intentions: How to set STRONG intentions keep them fresh in your mind all week long and achieve them easily. 
  • Recommended Reading: Your mindset is 98% of success, what you feed it are the results you see
  • Daily Tools to Stay Balanced: Put yourself first without feeling guilty and create a symmetry between your life and business
  • Gratitude Journal: Remember, what you focus on most becomes your reality...
  • Tracking Daily Accomplishments: eliminate the feelings of overwhelm & "Trying" to get it ALL done.
  • Monthly Direct Sales Business Tracker: you will always know exactly where you need to focus to take your business to the next level without the guess-work.
  • Monthly Reflection & Accountability Guide: Ask yourself 5 questions which give you all that you need to set those STRONG intentions
  • Space to Dump Your Mind: Don't spend another sleepless night thinking about all that you have to do
  • 9 Step Booking Parties Process M.A.P: 9 step process map that walks you through what you need to do in order to continually have a full calendar of bookings
  • Monthly Training Tip: Training that you already KNOW works

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DISCLAIMER - By joining the Party Plan POWERstart Program today for just $1 you are agreeing to auto billing in the amount of $37 per month after the introductory offer period expires until program membership is cancelled.
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