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Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity 

Throw Away Your List of 100, Ditch The Phone Calls & Fill Your Calendar, FAST!
This program is the lifeline that you've been looking for to take your business from floundering to flourishing... Double, Triple, even 10x your profits in 90 days!
Here is what others are saying about the Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity....

"Before the Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity with Power Coach Alishia here is where I was at I was in a place where I felt know the 90 day rule...I had a 2 year long 90 day rule, but after implementing the first training, I was instantly able to add over 24 parties to my calendar and put myself in the #1 sales spot for our whole team.

One of the greatest breakthroughs I had with the Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity coaching program was not settling. When I would call a host and get a headcount, she might tell me 7, I would say OK. And I never encouraged her to do MORE! OMG this was huge for me.. I am always doing more now to help hosts, clients and team members!! 

This has been priceless and as a result, here are specific details about my biz growth: I have gone from about $2200-$2500 a month to $5500-$6000 a month, I am sponsoring my buns off and my calender is so full I had to start taking team members with me to take some of the parties off my hands!!! I feel like my blood has oxygen again, I feel like getting up and working it every day!!!   I would absolutely recommend the Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity with Power Coach Alishia to anyone, because I am now enjoying double sales and double income, and I have never been so relaxed in my business and I owe it all to this program and her coaching. I’m so thankful."   Karylyn Lyman, Tastefully Simple

"Before the Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity with Power Coach Alishia I was at my quitting point. I was ready to take the logo off my vehicle and throw out everything. I loved the products but my sales were down to almost nothing, I had begged my friends to host parties until they were sick of hearing from me.

I finally made the decision that I would give it 200% for 90 days and the next day I came across Alishia's Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity free booking call. It was my sign! I listened to the call and it began clicking, after implementing the finding new friends method Alishia talks about in the training, I was seeing lots of new people on my friends list. I played DOND (Deal or No Deal) about a week after I joined and WOW! The response was phenomenal, I had over 25 people play along. I had sales of around $250, 5 bookings for the next 30 days on my calendar and a possible recruit! I was pumped and ready to take on a challenge. 

I made it my goal to reach Team Leader by May 30. I was instantly able to feel like I could do this and I could do this well. One of the greatest shifts I had with the Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity coaching program was by adding 2 new team members within the first 30 days. I implemented the bead/rose booking tactic and instantly it created a frenzy and I was able to see the enthusiasm in my guest and hostesses for the first time and this made it so easy to share my story with them and let them know more about my Origami Owl business.   

In just under 60 days in the Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity I had gone from ZERO sales to over $1000 in a month, added 2 team members and became a Team Leader, which means I am now not only making money from my sales but from the sales from my downline. This has been game-changer for me. I owe my business success to Alishia and her training.   I would absolutely recommend the Rockstar Direct Sales Academunity with Power Coach Alishia to anyone, because I am now enjoying an additional income that is going to keep me from re-entering the corporate world as my husband and I have discussed I would do when both our daughters were in public school. My youngest will begin Kindergarten in August and instead of filing out applications and preparing to go from Stay at home mom to Working mom this Summer I am able to enjoy this time with my kids and I am determined that with the additional time I will have when they are both in school that I will make my career in Direct Sales, I will be my own boss and I will create financial freedom for my family! I owe it all to this program and her coaching. I’m so thankful."   Jennifer Rhoden, Origami Owl

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ONE TIME OFFER: ROCKSTAR DIRECT SALES ACADEMUNITY PRIME - Rockstar Direct Sales PRIME helps you train faster and easier than ever before...A one time upgrade offer of $20 today and just $76 each month thereafter. Gives you access to 4 weeks of training at a time plus the ability to download your training so you can train on the go! Upgrade now for just $20!

Here's What You'll Get:
  • 9 Surefire Ways to Fill Your Calendar With  Parties
  • How to Make Money on Facebook: Turn Your Facebook Page/Group Into  Cash
  • Light The Fire Under Your Business: How to Get Your MOJO Back
  • How to Have Profitable Online Parties: Make $1,000 in your PJ's
  • Clear your Mind Clutter: How to Put Yourself First Without Feeling Guilty
  • The Launch Party Blueprint: 4 Secrets to Hosting a Kick Ass Launch Party
  • 30 Days to $5K: Stop Making Excuses & Get Out of Your Own Way
  • Rockstar Success Series: A 9 week POWER­Packed course that will help you  elevate your business, your mindset and your life ­ Giving you that breath of fresh air you need
  • Direct Sales Newsletter Marketing Success: Turn Email in Profits
  • Kick Ass Life Coaching to Skyrocket Your Success: It's time to Get Your Shift  Together
  • Massive Money Maker: A simple money management system & training for  Direct Sellers
  • Access to my exclusive clients only group where you will have access to 4+ LIVE training Facebook LIVEcasts each week
  • Monthly Fastest Path to Cash LIVEcast training with Power Coach Alishia
  • Support and help from my amazing team + ROCKcrew

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